Toby’s – November 28, 2009

On the evening of November 28th, a small group of the hard-core partyers got together for conversation and libations back at Toby’s in the bar area. A few others were expected, but as life seems to offer it’s little challenges, we were “a party of five” plus two. Pat Urbut got hung up by a car that wouldn’t start, and Jim Weimar got hung up by Christmas decorations that wouldn’t start.

John Sears (seated between Sue and Mary) from the class of 1960 joined us to garner some insight into the rigors of planning a 50-year reunion, and Mary Corley Smith was accompanied by a handsome and articulate gentleman (not pictured-she’s keeping him to herself). God bless him for sitting there and listening to all our reminiscences and jibes of priests, nuns, parties, couples and reunion fun.

After a few cocktails and a lot of conversation, Dan, Lynn, and Sue headed out to the Limestone City Grill in Palos Heights for food and music. Somehow we missed connection with Dan, but Lynn and Sue had excellent food, more conversation, and still got home before midnight.