Whose House Is It?

While I was out in the ‘burbs for Thanksgiving, Jim Weimar and I took a trip to the old neighborhood to see if we could remember where some of us that walked home to the south – with the daily stop at the candy store by the railroad tracks – lived.

We think that our Senior Brains came up with the correct ones for a dozen of them. The couple we were not totally positive about are Barbara Ellis Conroy’s and Liz Butler Marren’s. If we guessed wrong on either of you, let us know.

The south neighborhood looks beautiful still. Only a few houses south from the school to 93rd Place in the Marshfield-Paulina corridor were not kept up, and we only saw two that had major renovations rendering them unrecognizable as from our era.

After the original slideshow was published, Jim Fee sent in a picture of his house on Justine. This slideshow has been updated to include that picture as well.

After we spent the morning taking pictures, Jim and I met Pat Urbut for lunch at Chi Tung at 95th and Kedzie. Highly recommend it. Below is a picture of the three of us – stuffed and happy.