50-Year Reunion


The 50 Year Class Reunion was just as much a hit as the 25-Year Reunion was back in 1984. We had less people attending, but those that were able to be there raved about what a great time they had and most want to do it again in the not-too-distant future.

In case you missed the reunion, here is the official picture taken by Susan Brown Bennett that commemorates the event.

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If anyone would like an 8×10 print of the “Official Picture” it can be obtained by contacting Susan Brown Bennett either by email or phone. Prints are $15.00 each which includes shipping costs to your address. Susan can be reached at se_bennie@yahoo.com or calling Susan at (708)478-1420.


We never got to dancing this time. And I know that Lourdes Morris Garrick was disappointed. There was LOTS of talking – laughing – and picture-taking. The evening started with cocktails at 6:00PM as everyone mingled and re-connected after 25 or 50 years. Of the 25 classmates attending, five had not been at the 25-Year Reunion (Cathy Byrnes Terry, Joan Challingsworth Goliak, Patti Duffy Poirier, Don “Mike” Mullaney, and Jim Weimar).

Dan Schramm started the formalities of the evening with a toast to the class and his usual entertaining banter. Pat Urbut offered a memorial prayer for all of our departed classmates and all of the departed family members of classmates.

Dinner was a din of talk coupled with each table working on their answers to the 50 questions of 50’s Trivia. Table 6 took the prize(s) with the highest score – each team member was awarded a bag of 50’s era penny
candy. After dinner, talk and reminiscing was the order of the evening. The talk level was so high, that most of the 128 programmed 50’s songs were lost in the din. There were two door prizes won by Jim Fee – a three CD collection of 50’s music, Lynn Murphy – a picture book of 50’s automobiles, and the Grand Prize of a $50 AMEX gift certificate won by Cathy Byrnes Terry that she turned around and donated to keep the website and newsletters going.

Unfortunately this time many didn’t have the stamina or desire to keep the party going like last time. Only three people (Dan Schramm, Sue Eberhardt Hurley, and Lynn Murphy) continued on to Sam Buca’s in Palos Heights for a couple of after-after-dinner drinks. That ended a little before 2AM as opposed to the 25-Yr Reunion which continued on to Jim Vogler’s house and then on out for breakfast the next morning. At this rate, we had better start the
next event in 2014 at four in the afternoon.


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