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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

I’m so excited for the reunion and to see old friends again.

As you know, Roger and I have been divorced since 1988 but we are still good friends. Roger and I have two children and I have 5

I’ve worked at Oak Forest Hospital for 17 years as a Medical Records Technician, aka; Coder. Few outside of the
medical community would even know what “coder” means or does. Two things a coder doesn’t do are Billing or Transcription which are the most common
misconception’s. I have a great job and love what I do.

I am still single and have lived in the same house for over 30 years. Being 7 minutes from work is just too convenient. My dream is to move away after
retirement, for a new adventure.

A couple of years ago I was flying to California and had a very friendly couple next to me. We began talking and the woman told me she grew up on the
north side of Chicago. He grew up on the south side. Immediately, the husband and I began asking What parish?, What high school? etc, etc. The wife said,
“I can’t believe it! Every time he meets someone from the South side they ask what parish?, what school?, who do you know? This never happens to me or my
friends. North siders just never do this.” So, the husband and I started to run through every name we knew, probably 30 each, till I hit on a name he knew.
That name was Lee Roy Fry. He played ball with Lee. Once we made that connection we didn’t speak again the rest of the flight. I don’t know what
it is with us South Siders, but there is something very special about our connection with one another. We are a special group of people.

25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Married to Roger … 2 children (Karin 16 and Steven 14) … Receptionist for 10 years at Bev-Lab
Veterinary Hospital … enjoys animals (non-human type), running, back-packing and the Chicago Health Club. After hish
school, worked downtown, got married, spent one year in Germany while Roger was in the service. Went to work at Bev-Lab
intending to stay six months … ten years later, still there. Worked for a short time at Orland Police Department.

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