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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

I married the first time in 1964 and divorced my first husband in 1975. After high school, I worked with the Federal Government for 5 years, then left because we moved to Skokie and I just couldn’t handle the l l/2 hour trip each way to work. I worked for Packaging Corporation of America in Evanston as a legal assistant until moving to Florida in 1972. When we moved to New Port Richey, Florida in 1972 the population of the whole county was 78,000. What a change from the big city of Chicago. They actually “rolled up the sidewalks at 9 PM”. Of course, we are now a larger county and much more to do but nothing like the big city. Of course I wouldn’t trade it for anything. No snow or freezing weather. Swimming on Christmas.

When we moved here I was employed by the Pasco County State Attorney office as an investigative secretary and was later transferred to the County Administrator’s office. I married my present husband Ed in 1977 and continued working at the County Administrator’s office until my daughter was born in 1977. My husband, Ed, didn’t want the mother of his child to go back to work. So after 2 l/2 years he finally relented and agreed. I was going stir crazy.

I worked from 1980 to 1993 as a legal assistant in a one girl/one attorney office. Then Ed and I opened our own business. It was really strange how this came about. Our daughter Christy was in Civil Air Patrol and Ed was the commander of the unit. We tried and tried to find a CPR class for our cadets. We contacted a local hospital and asked if they would train the cadets. The training manager said why don’t we become certified to teach CPR so we did. We then became the largest training center in Florida.

Our company, Life Education of Florida, now teaches CPR, First Aid, HIV/AIDS and other medical programs throught the state. We have over 100 instructors working with us. We are a continuing education provider with the Florida Board of Nursing and now also have home study programs. I write all our programs except the CPR which is taught under the guidelines of a national company. Our website is is linked below.

This keep me very busy. Besides teaching and all the paperwork involved in the business, I update all our programs annually. Christy is an RN so she reviews everything. We print all our textbooks ourselves which keeps Ed busy.

We live on an acre of property in a two story house. The whole second story is an office. We also are into adopting retired racing greyhounds. I have 2 now but at one time had 13. Somehow they just never left their adopted home. We have several foster homes that house the greyhounds after they are spayed/neutered. They teach them what a house is all about. We show them on the weekends so that they can be adopted.

That’s what I’ve been doing over all these years.

25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

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