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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Well, to start, I’m no longer married to Larry – nor to Al either for that matter. I married Al in 1998 and he was
the best dancer!. It lasted till 2005 – after all, dancing isn’t everything. My two kids are grown and I have twin granddaughters who are nine years old. One son (with the family) lives in St. Louis area, and the other lives near LaCrosse, WI.

In 1993, tired of traveling, I quit the property management business and took a mind-numbing job at the MGM Grand as a Room Service server. In Vegas the only jobs that make money are service jobs – unless you
are a hooker or a star. Aspiring to neither, I swallowed my pride and thanked the tourists who were generous. I retired from the MGM in Dec. 2007.

For the last several years I have been learning the web biz. In 2004 I created an online information site for Mesquite, NV called By 2006 I had formed an LLC with 2 newspaper folks in Mesquite and we expanded my local informational website to the only daily news source in Mesquite. That led to publishing a weekly printed newspaper called, of course, Mesquite Local News. In late 2007, we joined with another LLC to publish the first glossy magazine in Mesquite. In November, 2007 I sold my interest in Mesquite Media Group to my two partners and joined the other LLC to concentrate on the magazine, Mesquite Lifestyle Magazine. We published until the January-February issue of 2009 and then the magazine became another casualty of the economic downturn.

Presently I design and publish websites and do email marketing for private clients. So, even though I am (technically) retired, I am back learning more computer graphics, keeping my computers buzzing, and just find that life takes turns one would never expect …

I’m still a little off-beat, my life is never boring, and I look forward to what life has to offer in the years ahead.

25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Married to Larry … 2 children from first marriage … Residential Property Supervisor … attended DePaul … B.S.C. in Marketing.
Enjoys gourmet cooking, opera, reading and soon probably blackjack. Worked for State Housing Finance Agency (IHDA), was a private
Housing Management Consultant, was Administrator of the North Shore Hotel in Evanston. Moved to Portland, Oregon – from Portland to
Las Vegas and presently a Property Supervisor.

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