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 February 10, 2014

Recent Updates:

50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

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First, to all the Committee members a big thank you for all your work and efforts to make this 50th reunion a reality.

As to the past 25 years I ask the question we all find ourselves pondering – Where did they go?!

I have been living and working in Peachtree City, GA since 1999. I joined a manufacturing company here as their Controller and through the years things have worked out to where I’m the Executive V.P. Finance & Administration and a member of the Board of Directors. I attribute my good fortune to the fact that I am probably considered the “token Yankee” on the staff!!

My wife Nancy has been retired from Delta Airlines for about 4 years and my daughter, Erin, is a Georgia State graduate and employed by the Sierra Club as a project manager.

Golf is still a passion of mine and there are 3 courses within five minutes of the office – I’m usually at one of them at lunch time chipping, putting, or whatever.

I really enjoy work and have not given much, if any, thought to a retirement date.

Have a lot of laughs and good times to remember at the reunion and my regards to all.

25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Married 6/12/76 to Nancy … 1 child (Erin) born 6/20/83. Internal Audit Manager. Attended graduate
school. Enjoy golf, golf, golf, and Irish Coffee. Nothing I would consider extraordinary, but then again nothing I would
consider infamous! Just the usual routine of work, family and friends, and two years in the Army defending the shores of
Puget Sound in Washington.

How To Find Me Now:

eMail Address: mjpg85@aol.com

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