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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Wow, 1984 that was a long time ago. Let me see.

In 1984 I was a classroom teacher. In 1990 I got my masters in Educational Administration and a few years later got an administrative post in Chicago Public Schools as a Year Round School Coordinator. In the early 90’s I started a PHD program and completed it in 2000. During that time I went back to the schools and took an administrative position in an elementary school. In 2002, I retired from CPS with 35 service years.

Since retiring I started taking piano lesson, and playing golf. I never played golf before so I decided I needed to get on the fast track and took a lot of lessons. It paid off because in about a year I was able to go out and play half-way decent. I can’t say the same for my piano playing.

Earl and I have done quite a bit of traveling. Our fishing trip is one of our favorites. It is a combination of nature watching, fishing, and getting in touch with yourself. We are going up to the Northwest Territories in Canada where you have 22 hours of daylight and around 2 in the morning you can watch the Northern Lights. No phones or TV.

I am a member of an all volunteer non-profit organization, Assistance League, that develops programs that address local community needs, raises funds for their programs, and implements them in their community. I served as president of our local chapter for two years and am presently on the National Leadership Committee that assists the 119 chapters across the country. The National headquarters is in California so I travel there for a few days every quarter for Board meetings. I like it because you not only get out and help people in your community but you work with a lot of nice people and it provides social opportunities as well.

I know I must have been doing some more stuff because these past 25 years have flown by. I look forward to hearing and seeing what others have done.

Madelon and Earl – and Friend

25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Married to Earl … 1 child. Teacher. Enjoy running, reading and gardening. Dedicated a lot of time to
daughter’s figure skating clubs and driving to rinks. Continued teaching throughout married life and enjoy running in my
“spare” time.

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