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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Mary and John Knipper

In 1985 I married Mary, my date at the 25th year reunion. After 30 years at the City of Chicago Water Department, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. In
1997 I retired and we moved to our week-end house on Lake Delavan, Wisconsin – about 10 miles west of Lake Geneva.

I started a boat lift business on the lake and that keeps me very busy in the Spring and Fall. I am also a car-hiker for the big Ford/GM dealer in Delavan.

Before the big economic downturn, we enjoyed spending time in Mexico and sailing in the British Virgin Islands.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in July.

25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Single … Microbiologist … B.S. from Loyola University. Enjoy scuba diving, skiing, snowmobiling and boating.
Employed by the City of Chicago Water Department for 15 years.

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