Patti Duffy Poirier – December 31, 2019

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Dear friends and classmates,


I’m always afraid I talk too much. This time I want to share that I am retiring selling my home in Geneva, IL, and moving to northern Arkansas to a resort area near Beaver Lake, and enjoy the company of my Granddaughter Samantha and her family.

I am sharing this because I’m very excited. I will be flying back frequently to spent time with the rest of my family/7 other grandchildren and my children. I plan to build a home that can be used as a VBRO when I come to visit, and I’ll email more details about that since it’s a prime fishing and nature area. (My daughter in law has a cousin who’s a fishing guide there, so the fishing IS good.) This is my website for information.

My passions are my family, environmental issues, social issues. That brings me to a relationship I have with ancestry. My oldest son, Dave, gave me a membership 3 years ago for Christmas. I have over 800 people in my tree. But last month he and     my daughter Jenny and I poured over our trees, and data, to search for the link

that connects us. It is amazing, and a God thing, that Dave’s birth family and my husband Dave’s birth family originate from Vincent Croteau and Jeanne Godequin who were married in 1662 in Quebec, (Although he was born in Normandy, Seine-Maritime. ) They had 7 children in 22 years, and their sons, Louis and Nicholas are the ancestors of the Poirier and Le Hay families, my son Dave and my husband. We adopted Dave when he was 6 weeks old after waiting an eternity (3 years) and now 50 years later we are amazed at God’s plan. I convinced my husband of this path when I was 21, and when I was 24, we were his parents. Our son, Brian was born 9 months after Dave, and they were all born within 5 years.

I have helped other adopted people in my DNA find their families, but I am the only one in our family who is not a DNA match to Dave. He was always written in my heart. I think this is interesting, and you might also. He is my first-born, and we are all one.

The portrait was after Jenny was 1 year old, and the group on the right is from Dave’s 50th birthday in June 2019.


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One Response to “Patti Duffy Poirier – December 31, 2019”

  1. Jerry Donahue says:


    Great story about your family and how ancestry can bring to life a family tree for many unknown backgrounds!

    Best wishes on your move to Arkansas, and keep in touch when you come to visit Chicago.