From Pat Urbut

I was at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery yesterday and the Sisters of Mercy graves including a few I knew from St Ethelreda. Unfortunately you can only find an individual sisters grave either by accident wandering through the hundreds of graves ‘ at least 600 or if you know the sister’s last name you can find her grave location at a kiosk at the office.

I located Sister Salome who I had in 6th grade and taught my Mom in 4th grade over 40 years before by e mailing the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. Unfortunately she is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Evanston. They gave me Sister Salome’s surname which is Evan’s in case I ever go up there.

I was there over 60 years ago for another funeral and it is immediately next to Lake Michigan. Too far to go but maybe if i need to be up there some time for something else. I thought I would let you know in case anyone wanted to find where a deceased sister is buried.

Image by Rick Drew, 2012


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  1. Jerry Donahue says:

    Thanks for the note on the departed sisters. Some of us were greatly influenced both positively and negatively by them during our time at St. Ethelreda. Reminds me of the brothers I had at Br. Rice who also were positive and negative influences on me. Just shows you that truly life cam be. both good and bad!

    Anyhow, my great grandfather, Patrick Donohue (sic) is buried at Calvary in Evanston. I drove by it many times when I worked at Northwestern, but did find his grave on one occasion. He came during the potato famine to Chicago, and from him our family grew. The spelling of our name changed with my grandfather, Michael, who inserted the “a’ to replace an “o”, but not sure why he did that.