Marianne Hawkins Trip – July 4 – 11, 2019


It’s a big word, and it’s weighing heavily on my mind. I promised Sue that I would write an article for the monthly newsletter. In fact….. as a reminder to all reading this, I think several folks promised to write an article. If “we” all do this, then Sue will have a much easier time putting together the monthly newsletter that all of us read!

I have to admit to everyone that I had some trepidation about attending the reunion for several reasons. I had not travelled to the Windy City in about 9 years, and the last time I did it was to attend a funeral. I had not seen my cousins in all that time, and had basically lost touch with some of them. I have no immediate family left in the city. I had not seen Sue since the last reunion I attended, which I think was the 20th or 25th, and I was going to stay with her! For a week!! What could possibly go wrong in this situation?

I am happy to say that Sue and I picked up basically where we left off many years ago. We got along fabulously, and learned from each other. And, I love her dog too.

I enjoyed the reunion…. Madelon’s home was lovely, the food fabulous, and the company entertaining. I enjoyed talking with everyone! And then the “girls” had a lovely evening a few days later at Liz Marron’s home in Beverly.

Another highlight for me was a dinner with 2 of my cousins, Sandy and Therese. We were able to catch up on a lot of “family” stuff, and they took me to Portillo’s…… which is obviously a “must” for any Chicago visitor!

I realize now that I have lived in California longer that I did in Chicago! I moved here when I was 25 or so (can’t remember exactly….) so at my age California is now home. I have one son, one daughter in law, 2 step grandchildren who are mostly adults, and 2 younger ones who are the light of my life. And the bonus in all this is that they live in Winters a few blocks from me!
Winters is a small town located east of San Francisco and west of Sacramento, the state capitol. Anyone is welcome to visit is you are nearby!



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