Ladies Beach Weekend – October 5 -7, 2018

This year the beach weekend started off again with brunch at Leroy’s Hot Stuff Restaurant and Bar on Route 20. We all gathered around Jack Daniels statue to enjoy plentiful and filling Mexican/American fare and Hot Stuff Bloody Marys. After sating ourselves on carbs and alcohol we caravanned on to Michigan City to Liz Marren’s beach cottage for talk and planning.

Early evening found us first stopping at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts – but not without drama! We took several cars for our evening activities since three cars were to end up at Joan’s in Grand Beach, and one car would return to Liz’s. As Liz pulled her red ride onto the pavement Sue and Liz heard a strange bumping noise. Thinking it might be a low or flat tire, Liz got out and inspected around the car but could not see anything amiss – and the red tire light was not indicating any problem. Off we went listening to this thump, thump getting louder as we drove. Pulling into the Art Center parking lot, Cathy and Lynn pulled beside the car and told Liz that her right rear tire was about to fall off. Well! We were already nervous from the noise that didn’t sound good – now we were terrified we wouldn’t make it to the tire store where Liz could leave the car till morning. “Go slow!” How much further??” “SHALLOW TURN – don’t let that axle turn too much!” Hearts pounding we made it to the tire store with Cathy following to pick us up. YIKES!

Back to the Arts Center for a wine and cheese open house to enjoy a stunning exhibit of Andy Warhol photographs and prints. Beautiful pictures, artsy people, contemporary music. Following our tour of the bright prints juxtaposed with iconic black and white photography, we opted for some healthy eating at Chickpea. Chickpea is a Mediterranean eatery with bowls made of your choice of hummus, falafel, gyros, pita bread, various vegetables and various sauces like tahini – all freshly made as you order. Excellent choice.

Saturday morning we all met up in Grand Beach and from there drove to Skip’s European Farmers Market in New Buffalo. Personally I picked up fresh made bacon-cheese bread, a huge hunk of 8-year-old handmade cheddar cheese and a fruit layered soft cheese which served as dinner for days after getting home. Second stop was our usual Sawyer Garden Center. Everyone came home with food, plants, decor and little gifts. Famished again we decided on a little storefront restaurant called Viola Cafe in Three Oaks, MI. The limited menu was all homemade soups and sandwiches. Liz and I took back enormous muffins for Sunday morning.

After lunch, Liz, Joan, Cathy, Lynn and Diane all went thrifting in the little shops in Three Oaks. I grabbed a small container of homemade liversausage from Drier’s Butcher Shop and then joined Patti in the car for a little snooze. It started raining right after lunch, so the cozy car felt much better than dodging raindrops in and out of shops. Those who did, scored some great bargains and Liz’s trunk was filled with bags. (Oh yes, the car had just lost all but two lug nuts holding the wheel on so it took no time and no charge to fix first thing in the morning, but what a scare Friday night.)

Liz and I went back to Michigan City to prepare for the evening and to relax before the rest of the crew showed up. Liz had planned a fantastic pasta with vodka sauce topped with mascarpone- all fresh made – and Joan and Lynn were bringing appetizers. Sue supplied various bottles of wine for every taste (Apothic Dark seemed to be a winner), and we were going to surprise Diane with a little birthday cake supplied by Cathy and Patti. This was the best meal of the whole trip. As usual, the conversation and camaradarie were without equal. Diane was duly surprised and the choice of a pineapple upside-down cake was a perfect choice for something a little out of the ordinary. We talked on until all of us were almost falling asleep.

Sunday morning we had decided on a small artisan cafe for brunch before we all headed for home. Unfortunately by the time we got there it was filled to capacity and there were no tables for a group our size. We opted for Sofia’s Pancake House instead which was a good call. The wait was not too long and the waitress was perfectly cheerful to see a table of seven old ladies. Again, food was plentiful and the skillet breakfast that I had made two more meals at home the next day.


Pictures of Patti and Diane at the Indiana Dunes Bird Sanctuary prior to their leaving to meet the rest of the crew at Leroy’s biker bar for brunch. Seems they had their own adventure with a couple of young men while climbing to the outlook. Perhaps Patti or Diane will add some comments below regarding that encounter.

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3 Responses to “Ladies Beach Weekend – October 5 -7, 2018”

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Maybe next year. I know it was a weekend of laughter.

  2. Patti Poirier says:

    Wonderful event and recapture. Thanks for all your work. I love the music selection, as always.