60-Year Reunion Preliminary Survey

Please help us plan a fun and exciting 60-Year Reunion! We would appreciate everyone filling out the survey below – even if you are not sure about being able to attend. NOTE: THE SURVEY BEGINS BY CLICKING THE BLUE “START” BOX – ANYTHING BELOW THAT IS UNAVOIDABLE ADVERTISING. THANKS! This is mostly so we can have an idea on the size of the venue needed and when in the year might be best for those out-of-town. Responses so far regarding yes/no/maybe and best time of year are:


Ashe Ronksley, Betty                 No – due to health

Barry, Mike                                  Probably Yes                       Fall

Billish, Tom

Brown Bennett, Susan               Probably Yes                       Fall

Burke, Patrick

Butler Marren, Liz                      Probably Yes                       Spring

Byrnes Terry, Cathy

Challingsworth Goliak, Joan

Corley Smith, Mary                     Yes                                       Anytime                     Comments only – no survey

Cushing Dondero, Rose

Doherty Crandell, Liz

Donahue, Jerry                            Probably Yes                      Summer

Dorman, Warren

Duffy Poirier, Patti

Dunne, John

Eberhardt Hurley, Sue               Yes                                       Anytime

Ellis Conroy, Barbara

Ganser, Frank                               Yes                                                                             Verbal Response

Glynn, Mike

Healy Pearlman, Madelon

King, Mike

Knipper, John

Koch, Dorothea

Lipinski, Jim

McCormack DeLaMar, Melody

Moran, John

Moran O’Shea, Mariellen

Morris Garrick, Lourdes

Murphy, Lynn                                         Yes                               Spring/Fall

Novick, Jerry                                           Yes                               Anytime

O’Connor, Jim

Riordan Full, Cathy

Schmidt Sholtens, Carol

Schramm, Dan                                       Yes                               Summer

Shaughnessy, Mike

Sheehan Shearin, Mary

Smith, Roger

Stott Jankowski, Louise                       Probably No               Spring

Swierczek Hawkins, Marianne           Probably Yes             Summer

Tomich Wisniowski, Judy

Urbut, Pat

Weimar, Jim

Witt O’Connell, Diane

Kerwin, Viv                                           Probably Yes               Summer                       Suggests we combine with 1960


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3 Responses to “60-Year Reunion Preliminary Survey”

  1. Cathy Riordan Full says:

    I have no preference regarding time or place. Best turnout would probably be less popular seasons for graduations, weddings, and family vacations. Hopefully accommodate schedules of those making an effort to travel this way.

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Living here makes it easy for me. The best time will be when the most people from out of state can make it. Keep in mind that this will be planned for a weekend the people who work will be off.

  3. Marianne Hawkins says:

    July and the first half of August are the only times I would be able to attend due to work. I could stay with Sue?? If she would hav3 me🤓