Pat Urbut – August, 2018 Ireland Trip

Here are some pics from my recent trip to Ireland. The cottage my grandfather was probably born (first picture in the slideshow) was behind a locked gate and hidden from the road because there was a winding road in front of it and trees and bushes in front of it. The relative who owned till he died in 2000 or so welcomed relatives and other visitors, His son or whoever owns it now is not so hospitable and welcoming I have seen pics of it from 1997 from when an Aunt and Uncle visited there. It was a much more maintained and updated then. I have heard that the cousin who owns the cottage where my Grandmother was born is I am told very hospitable but I did not want to intrude on his privacy and his family. He is a horse breeder, trainer and has a stable and track to the left and behind the cottage. I don’t know if I will think of any other descriptions but if I will do I will send them. I am hoping that each pic will be worth a 1000 words.

One of the most amazing things we learned was about a grave of St Nicholas which we saw in Kilkenny, Ireland. There are other articles that can be found via Google about this grave. The farmer who found it showed us around his farm including this grave, the ancient cemetery and abbey next to it. Click the below link for more information:

Jerpoint Park St. Nicholas


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