Marianne Swierczek Hawkins – August 2, 2018

I really enjoy the newsletter! And I have been remiss in not composing something for it, so here goes:

Contrary to popular opinion, all of California is not burning. There are fires north of Winters that impact the town with heavy smoke. The worst one near Lake Berryessa is contained, but the fire near Redding continues, There are fires near Yosemite too, oh, and also fires in the south. I think the areas not directly impacted by flames are impacted to varying degrees by SMOKE.

I recently planned a 5 day getaway to Lake Tahoe, and discovered that Lake Tahoe is in a basin that is filled with smoke from the fires in northern California, and fires in Nevada! Hiking was not doable, as the smoke was quite intense. From the 8th floor window of my room, which faced the Lake, I could not see the Lake! It was not much better on ground level. I only stayed for 4 days, but felt badly for folks that I met who had come from around the country to see what is normally a very scenic area! Earlier in June my daughter-in-law, two grandkids and I went up to the Lake, and we had a wonderful time…… lots of sun, sand and sunburn on those areas missed with sunscreen. June is a good time at Tahoe, as the weather is cooler, the water is still very cold, and the crowds are not as huge.

August is a busy month. I go back to work at my part-time job at the Winters Community Library —-it is the perfect job for a retiree and keeps me out of trouble. I work only during the school year, get all school holidays off, and my hours are 1-4 in the afternoon! I started working there several years after retirement from UC Davis. August is also birthday month….. Alison will be 6 on the 12th, Alexia will be 18 on the 17th, Joseph will turn 9 on August 29, and Christian will be 20 on September 2! It is like Christmas in August! Ali is going into 1st grade and is very excited about it. Joseph is going into 4th grade at Rominger Intermediate School, so it is a change of school location for him. Lexi graduated in June, and will be attending a local community college for 2 years, then on to somewhere. She hopes to get a degree in Nursing. Christian is working two jobs, and is going to Australia later this month to visit a friend there.

About the only other thing to report is that my tomatoes are not doing well….. I think the intense heat, the smoke and ash on the plants has not helped them.

Love to all,



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