Patti Poirier Get-Together – July 06, 2018

Patti very spur-of-the-moment, very generously, very open-armed, invited those who usually attend the main get-togethers for a little impromptu summer soiree. As it turned out we had to dub it Jerry and the Harem since it turned out to be six scintillating women and Jerry Novick. As it was just a week before Patti’s birthday both Joan and Diane surprised her with cakes and of coarse there were bottles and bottles of wine from which to choose. Patti outdid herself fixing Italian beef, a huge salad, bowls of mixed fruits, chips and salsa, cheese board and homemade vanilla ice cream. It was really a lovely day to enjoy her natural landscaped gardens and outdoor ambiance. Just for fun, see if you can find the one picture included in the slideshow that refutes the awful commercial that is on daily from Consumer Cellular (That commercial condescends to baby boomers so badly!) We look just like all the other Millennials in this pic. We ain’t out of the game yet. This slideshow can be seen full-screen by clicking the little four-arrow button on the bottom right. Have fun – there are 38 pictures.

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One Response to “Patti Poirier Get-Together – July 06, 2018”

  1. Patti Poirier says:

    Very sweet and well done slide show. Thanks for all the sweet friends who were there and for Sue’s masterpiece of a slideshow. The flowers started to bloomed the following week, and were really “showy” this year.