Mike Shaughnessy – July, 2018

A cool way to beat the summertime heat is to go for a boat ride….Spring Regatta on the Oklahoma river in downtown OKC. I’m in the boat in the foreground, 3rd seat from right. It was a photo finish in finals for first place medal in Corp Co-ed Intermediate race. Unfortunately we were one hundredth of a second behind the winner. They had to buy the first round!
Our crew, all co-workers, are anxious to start practice next week for the fall season Regatta (Night Races September 28th).
It’s a great weekend of regional collegiate, high school, and club level competition.

Jeanne and I will have to make a road trip to Chicago at some point but it may be a while. We’re regularly on the road to visit kids and grandkids in St.Louis, MO and Frisco, TX. We’ll be off to see our daughter and two grand daughters in Australia in November. The girls (6 and 4) think we have funny accents.
We seem to be on the road more than we’re home but very glad to be able to do so.

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  1. Patti Poirier says:

    WOW! That’s impressive.