Patti Duffy Poirier – January 30, 2018

I want to share a remarkable journey. I opened my daycare in 2011 , and after 1 year of preparation was licensed. I’ve spent 6 years developing a wonderful program. A year and a half ago, while I was having permits for an expansion approved by the City of Geneva, they informed me that it was a rule in Geneva that no in-home business could have an employee who was not a family member living in the home.

After making sure this was the law, I planned to move to another municipality that understood DCFS licensing , the importance behind it, and one without such a limitation. DCFS highly encourages us to have assistants. I did request the alderman look into the situation, and give assistance to my cause. He replied that he’d look into it.

I redecorated my house to make it “Move in Ready” and put it on the market in June 2017. I asked many people to pray that God would lead me to whatever He wanted me to do. I buried the St. Joseph statue and prayed the novena, never asking that my house would sell, but that I would know Gods will and follow it.

After 3 months, I wanted to shut down the plan and wait for God to reveal the plan. Since I was planning to move, my enrollment was down to 1 family with 2 children, and I had lost a great deal of income. In mid-October I was asked by Chicago Magazine for photo permission to feature my house as a prime example of a “Staycation” home in Geneva, the great town that has everything, and makes you feel like you’re on vacation. I didn’t show my house for 2 weeks, waiting for the publication to hit the newsstands. A couple from Chicago had their realtor contact me, and I told him I’d show it in 2 weeks. The couple came out and bought the house next door. They told my neighbor they loved my house, but didn’t want to wait. I had a welcoming party for them and invited our other neighbors.

In early December, I spoke with one of my neighbors about the ruling of the City, and she suggested I call her lawyer for consultation. When I did, he referred me to another lawyer, Kate McCracken. Kate was the right person for the job, We met with the City committee who wanted me to pay $1000.00 for an application to amend the text amendment with no guaranties that the City Council would approve the amendment.

The initial letter Kate sent after the meeting included the record of a court case between a DCFS daycare provider, and Olympia Fields. It went all the way to the IL Supreme Court, and DCFS licensed home daycare won. After 2 weeks, the reply to her letter was that the case didn’t apply to my case, and they were waiting for their lawyer to weigh in.

Friday night I received an email that I was 100% under the care of DCFS and they would not take any action against my daycare. The struggle is over, and I’m moving forward. A new baby girl started Tuesday, and my new assistant started Monday. I believe completely that I was supposed to stay and change this City Regulation, and that the magazine was written to affirm that the way I developed my property in the 16 years I’ve lived here. It’s not a grand house, it’s an environmental, nature-focused property. That was my goal, and now I will be able to live here for as long as the Lord leads me to stay.

In everything give thanks, and Praise to God.


Blessings and thanks to all who have prayed for me.
Patti Duffy Poirier

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2 Responses to “Patti Duffy Poirier – January 30, 2018”

  1. Tom Billish says:

    Patti you are truly a fighter with a great heart and Faith to match.

    Congratulations, Tom

  2. Viv Corley Kerwin says:

    Great testimony Patti. Pro.3:4-5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.