Betty Ashe Ronksley – October 2017

I really appreciate all prayers from our group. Also keep my brother Tom in CO in your prayers. He’s in hospice and in very bad shape.

It’s been an extremely challenging summer for me.  I had surgery on 7/31 for a severe ruptured quadricep tendon. The surgery did not go as well as expected and I had a few falls subsequently which have hampered recovery and slowed my Rehab. This type of injury however has a very long and slow recovery so I have to be patient. On top of all this my husband tripped at home on 9/2 and broke his right ankle. He’s been immobile and non-driving and going stir crazy!  We have all sorts of people coming and going including home health care and RN’s and PT.
My niece Margie is out here again now helping us out.

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