Louise Stott Jankowski – March/April, 2017

Hi there, Just sharing a couple of photos from our trip to Cuba last March/April.  We sailed our boat there with a flotilla of 59 other sailboats.  Amazing adventure.  Amazing to see this place we’ve grown up hearing about their problems.  We loved it; went with two grandkids ages 17 & 16, cousins. The first photo is of Revolution Square with, of course Fidel’s image and the second is the view we had entering Havana harbor..


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2 Responses to “Louise Stott Jankowski – March/April, 2017”

  1. Patti Duffy Poirier says:

    Amazing trip, Louise. I really did want to scuba in Cuba, back 20 years ago when I was diving. Now that it’s more possible, I’m past the energy to put my suit on. Haha.
    So happy for you to enjoy sailing so much.
    Patti Duffy Poirier

  2. Melody DeLaMar says:

    Actually, on a deep sea fishing with my brother, father and Uncle Toney, a charter fisher captain from the Marathon Key, we got cut off from the USA by a sudden storm and had to seek refuge in Cuba. It was the time of Fidel Castro and Batista, everyone in camp with big black beards- kind of scary.