Louise Stott Jankowski – March/April, 2017

Hi there, Just sharing a couple of photos from our trip to Cuba last March/April.  We sailed our boat there with a flotilla of 59 other sailboats.  Amazing adventure.  Amazing to see this place we’ve grown up hearing about their problems.  We loved it; went with two grandkids ages 17 & 16, cousins. The first photo is of Revolution Square with, of course Fidel’s image and the second is the view we had entering Havana harbor..


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  1. Melody DeLaMar says:

    Actually, on a deep sea fishing with my brother, father and Uncle Toney, a charter fisher captain from the Marathon Key, we got cut off from the USA by a sudden storm and had to seek refuge in Cuba. It was the time of Fidel Castro and Batista, everyone in camp with big black beards- kind of scary.

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