Memory from Patti Poirier

Some years ago, 2013 I think, Betty Ashe came into town and some of us arranged a lunch meeting at Palermo’s within a couple of days. Diane Witt joined us at the very last minute, and we were about to leave because we hadn’t heard from her. She had been to Ft. Wayne, IN that day with her husband, and we thought she wasn’t going to be able to join us.

We had paid the bill, and suddenly, Lynn spotted her coming thru the dining room. It was really very remarkable that we just didn’t miss her. She drove all day to Ft. Wayne and then to Palermo’s, and missing her would have been horrible. We all had another glass of wine, and visited another hour or so. It was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect. Within a very short span of time of the conversation, Diane and I started talking about gardening, and I mentioned my favorite native flower without knowing the name. Diane knows all about natives, and identified it as lavender bergamot. (They are not sold in nurseries, and difficult to cultivate, although they grow wild and are prodigious.

Over the years Diane offered to assist me in getting this plant established in my garden. She helped me purchase plants from the Garden Club (?) she belongs to in Indiana, and even drove the plants out to another meeting at Palermo’s in 2016. Of course, some of us got together to “share” the fun, and I got my plants. Sue Brown Bennett joined us that evening, and kept us laughing with her stories about a trip to Ireland with her brother.

This year the Lavender Bergamot is growing in fabulous array, and all because of our little encounter, “years and miles” away from 1959. Sweet friends, wonderful memories, are the same today as then, and are still making life more wonderfully meaningful. Praise God!

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  1. Patti Duffy Poirier says:

    Thanks for the post, Sue. I’m so glad you had the middle picture. Fun times together! I love my garden, and the Lavender Bergamot will always “hit refresh” in my memory of that experience.