“Chicago in the Sixties”

This wonderful nudge to our memories was first discussed last year. Through the efforts of both Jerry Donahue and Pat Urbut, we can now bring this book excerpt for your enjoyment. I apologize for how long this took to put together, but Pat Urbut emailed me about the author’s permission just the day before I was hospitalized. I am happy to say that the excerpt is now available for you to read.

In an email from Jerry on June 28, 2016:
“The book that I mentioned is: “Chicago in the Sixties: Remembering a Time of Change” by Neal Samors, published in 2006 by Chicago’s Neighborhoods, Inc.”

For those who may want to explore this book further, a link to the Amazon page for “Chicago in the Sixties” appears here:

Once Jerry got us the name of the book and author, Pat took the reins, read the book and contacted Mr. Samors with the below email:

From:“Patrick Urbut” >
To: nsamors@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, October 23, 2016 10:59:20 AM
Subject: Chicago in the Sixties

Hi Mr. Samors:  I read your book only in the last year or so. I enjoyed your book and reminiscing about the changing times memorialized in your book.   

I am particularly interested in one excerpt of the book written by Erin McCann on pages 50 to 52.  She writes about my old neighborhood and parish on the south side of Chicago, St Ethelreda and Foster Park.  I am a member of the Class of 1959 at St Ethelreda School and she was in the class of 1964.  My class has a newsletter that  is sent out monthly to less than 50 members (most of whom live outside of the Chicago area now).  Since you are the author and your company, Chicago Neighborhoods, Inc. has the copyright for this book I am writing to you to ask if Sue Eberhardt Hurley, the editor of our newsletter can be given permission to publish the excerpt written by Erin McCann in one of the upcoming issues of our newsletter.  Incidentally, I was raised in the block of 86th and Justine immediately to the south of where Erin McCann was raised. I doubt she would remember me since my class was 5 years ahead of hers but her sister, Rose Sullivan, who was in the class behind me at St. Ethelreda probably would remember me.  Kindly let me know if you can extend permission to my class publishing the 4 page excerpt from your above named book in our class newsletter.  …….”

Mr. Samors replied back to Pat with the following email:

Date: Sun, Oct 23, 2016 11:28 AM
To: Patrick Urbut;
Subject:Re: Chicago in the Sixties 

“Patrick, I would be pleased to give you permission to use Erin’s interview in your newsletter and I am certain that she would agree with me.  Please be certain to credit the book and me for use of the interview.

Neal Samors”

According to Pat: “On pages 50 – 53 is a remembrance by Erin McCann who attended St. Ethelreda, Class of ’63, then on to Mother McAuley and then Loyola University. She lived at 85th and Justine, and her dad ……

.  …. was John L. Sullivan, who was the commanding officer of the Chicago Police Dept ‘s task force (until 1961) which handled the police detail and security at Comiskey Park, the International Amphitheatre, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field and other major venues.  Erin and her family lived in the block just north of my block so I knew many of her neighbors. I also knew her Dad to see him because in 1960 I began working at these same venues as an Andy Frain usher.  I saw first hand how great a job they handling crowds at Comiskey Park etc. They definitely served and protected crowds attending various sporting and political events like the 1960 Republican Convention at the Amphitheatre.
Several pictures of her dad are included in the article

The beginning of the article is pictured below. The entire excerpt is available as a pdf by clicking on the picture of the text below.


McCann-1-firstimage copy


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