2016 Girl’s Beach Weekend – Sept 9-11


Rocky start for the Hurley car. This morning’s down-to-the-minute schedule wrecked as soon as the car backed out under the garage door. Hyped dog in the back seat, luggage and wine in the trunk – and the TIRE PRESSURE light on! Damn. Why today?? The schedule was supposed to be: 1. Dog to the vet at 7:45. 2. Ice for the cooler at 8:00. 3. Hair cut at 8:30 in Mokena. 4. Pick up Mary at 10.00 in Monee. 5. On the road by 10:15. New schedule: 1. Dog to the vet for the weekend at 7:45. 2. Go to the Mazda dealer on 159th Street from 8:10 to 8:50 – minor computer glitch from change in temperature?? No charge. 3. Hair cut at 9:10 in Mokena. Get ice next door at the Jewel. 4. Get lost finding Monee and Mary. 5. 11:10 Leave Mary’s. 6. Stop for iced tea and breakfast. 7. Stop to throw out horrible McDonald’s iced tea before entering toll road. 8. 11:45 get on the road for real.

jewelry_bracelet_steel-bead_hoitytoity_20160909-copyAfter that – pure fun! By the time Mary and Sue got to Liz’s cottage, all the others were ahead with the wine. We had a light lunch – and more wine – and caravanned to the thrift stores. Liz found some décor items and Sue found a White Sox coffee table book for her brother’s birthday present at St. Stanislaus Resale shop. A drawn-out discussion ensued about a faux art deco marble table that everyone agreed was so Sue – Mary offered to haggle the price, the cheering section egged on, but cooler heads prevailed when Sue reminded them that the only one back home to help get the behemoth out of the car would be the dog. Joan found a vintage calendar and Sue found a bracelet to match her nail polish at Hoity Toity. Patti found earrings.

Back to Liz’s for dinner – and more wine – and stomach cramping laughter. We made a pact that what happens in Michigan City ……. but I can tell this much – the most riotous laughter was at Lynn’s story about a couple of classroom turtles.

Really late – about 9:30, Joan, Lynn, Cathy and Patti took off for Joan’s house in Grand Beach. Sleep came easily that night.

Saturday morning dawned with a still gray sky, but without the rain. Liz, Mary and Sue gobbled bagels with cream cheese, fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes and smoked salmon. At Joan’s they had capers too. We met up at Joan’s and caravanned toward Tabor Hill Winery. Along the way we stopped at a fabulous place in Sawyer, MI with the most extensive farmer’s market/specialty grocery/outdoor plant nursery/gift shop/outdoor furniture store layout. The most luscious produce was purchased along with specialty groceries to take home. Lynn and Sue almost fell for a package of peanut butter covered malted milk balls to split until seeing the receipt and realizing the price was $12 for a couple dozen pieces. YIKES!
Mary tried her bargaining skills for a wood outdoor table and chairs set with no luck. Sawyer Market was not budging.

Tabor Hill Winery was next. Wine tasting first, then lunch in the Winery dining room. Each was given a 4-page wine list to pick up to 6 wines to taste. We all picked 6 and shared as well. Our bartender was being generous and flirty with the old ladies – no doubt trained in skills for raising his tip. Loosened up and hungry we made our way to the dining room. There we started with a round of – what else – alcohol. Champagne for Liz, on the rocks booze for a couple of others, and the Martini Bar called to Joan, Sue and Cathy. Mmmmmmmm. Here we had several Cathy stories that had us hooting, and a good one from Joan about her experiences with pigeons in France.

Still full, we meandered back to Joan’s house. Some fell out for more talking. Some walked down to see the Lake. To top off our day, Joan provided several desserts and Mojitos. The Mojitos were the perfect foil for Rainbow Cones in individual cartons. With heaping plates of pie, cookies and ice cream we sat out on the deck bird and deer watching until the rain forced us in again.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny. Of course, just like last year. Everyone met at Washington Park beach restaurant for more food, more drinks, more talk. Liz’s sister Jane had recently been to a St. Ethelreda reunion where she had picked up a couple of school t-shirts. She gave Liz one to use as a door prize which was won by Cathy and presented to her Sunday morning. All in all a totally marvelous weekend.

Enjoy the slideshow below and follow us through the weekend. Here’s to next year!

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