Carlucci Get-Together – August 7, 2016

Here are about 30 pictures of the get-together on August 7th. As you will see in all but the posed group pictures, it was the typical grade school configuration of all the girls on one side of the table, and all the boys on the other side. Some things never change.

Those of us that were able to make it had another great experience for our memory books. The room was perfect in that we could get up and converse/catch up with each other, and we could laugh as loud as we wanted to without disturbing other patrons. Good thing as you will see – many of the pictures show the ladies laughing with abandon. Boys just must have so much more serious things to discuss – like baseball and golf.

Make sure you watch the slideshow in full screen and enjoy.

It is a satisfying day that includes good friends and good food. Here’s to another successful event with Lynn Murphy, Darlene and Roger Smith, Dan Schramm, Madelon and Earl Pearlman, Tom Billish, Jerry Novick, Liz and Tom Marren, Susan Brown Bennett, Patti Poirier, Mary Corley Smith, and Sue Hurley.


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