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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:


Graduated from Mercy HS 1963, Little Company Of Mary School of Nursing 1966. Married Paul Full (St Ethelreda class of ’58, Brother Rice class of ’62) in 1967. July 1, we will be married 42 years. Five sibs of the eleven Riordans married childhood sweethearts in the neighborhood. One of my brothers-in-law said we got all the good ones, and the others had to go out of the neighborhood to find spouses. It has been great fun through the years sharing common history within extended family.

We lived in Shiloh IL near Scott AFB while Paul spent 4 years in the Air Force. Our first two children were born there. We returned to the Chicago area, I to work and Paul to school, ST Xavier class of ’72. We migrated to the western suburbs and had our youngest son in 1974, completing our family by age 30.

We have lived in St Charles since 1976 “enjoying” all the ups and downs, joys and tribulations that life holds. After years of employment stability, like so many others, “restructuring”, “downsizing” etc. became part of our lives as well. For the better part of the last 20 years I have worked in the OB-GYN office setting, after as many years in the hospital, and womens’ health. Paul has spent the last 3 years as a chemical analyst with Nalco after 24 years with AMOCO ended with their BP merger.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in Hawaii, our 30th in Ireland, and our 40th with our children and grandchildren in Disneyworld.

We enjoy good times with our family and look forward to retirement, more immediately, our son’s upcoming wedding in LA, and our youngest sons expected baby. Grandparenting is the best.

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25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Married to Paul … 3 children (Amy 15, Steve 14 and Dorrell 9). R.N. in Obstetrics. Diploma graduate from
Little Company of Mary. Enjoys cross-country skiing, and this last Spring was my rookie golf season. It’s comforting to know you
can’t get any worse at something. Been a busy wife and mom and have worked mainly in O.B. part-time for the past 17 years. Probably
only get a “C” in community spirit, an “F” in Women’s Lib and know for sure at this moment I’m on the threshold of mid-life crisis.

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