Committee Meeting – 02-18-16

The first Ethelreda1959 committee meeting for 2016 took place at our favorite Palermo’s restaurant on February 18th. The committee this year consists of Patti Poirier, Dan Schramm, Joan Goliak, Jerry Novick, Sue Hurley, Lynn Murphy, and Jerry Donahue. Unfortunately, Jerry D. was under the weather and could not partake of the extra-crispy, thin crust, gooey pizzas. He still got an assignment – based on his suggestion – to work on for this summer.


We have 5 events in the works for 2016. We hope there will be a couple of things that some of you out-of-towners might like to join us for. First up is an afternoon at Pinstripes in Oakbrook Center on April 24th. More information can be had by clicking HERE.

Then Jerry D. is working on a river cruise for sometime in late June. For August, we have the Second Annual Pearlman Open House. That has a firm date of August 7th. In September or October we are planning the Second Annual Beach Weekend. Dates to be determined soon. And lastly, the Holiday Brunch at Drury Lane on November 13th. By moving the date of this event earlier we are hoping that more people will be able to attend and we won’t have to pay the higher Holiday prices.

Dan Schramm is also working on a Golf Outing which would get attached to one of the three summer/fall events if there is enough interest. Any one of the three events would lend themselves to a nice Chicago area weekend for those avid golfers out there.

The whole schedule will be able to be accessed by clicking on the “2016 Events” tab at the top of the website. Updated schedule information will be posted as it becomes available. Let’s hear some feedback everybody.

Enjoy the pictures from the committee meeting here below. As usual, the slides can be viewed full size by clicking that little four-arrow icon on the bottom right of the slideshow.

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