Between the Holidays – December 6, 2015

2015-12-06_plateOur turnout for this event was lower than usual for our Christmas get-together. Those of us attending talked about whether this was because, despite the enthusiasm when it was planned to be a brunch instead of a dinner, that a brunch was more difficult to attend during this busy season. Even though the brunch was sparsely attended, the consensus was that the food was so diverse and of such high quality that this should become the annual outing for November/December. Keep that in mind when making plans for 2016, as it looks like we will be planning this (probably for December 4) as the final get-together of the year again.

Truthfully, one could not even get to all the tables of food without bursting a zipper or seam. The variety was incredible and not one thing was deemed unsatisfactory by any of the people enjoying the meal. Check out the slideshow below to get an idea of what a good time was had. As usual, click that little four-arrow icon in the lower right to bring up the slideshow full size.

Let us know what you think – about what you see, and about the plan for 2016 in the comments section. Oh, and you might notice in the pictures that our table number changed from “49” to “59”. When Patti was talking with the table in the next row she mentioned that we were the class of ’59, and we all went out for food, they swapped their #59 for our #49. Pretty cool we all thought.

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