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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

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Bob and I have been married for 42 years, and have seven fantastic children and 11 beautiful grand-children. We started our life together in the North with four years in Rochester, MN, and then spent two years in Atlanta, GA. It was in the latter that we fell in love with the South and its people.

So, we settled in Memphis, TN with our five children and Bob began a 25 year run as a Cardiac
Surgeon. I returned to school when our fifth child started kindergarten, and was active in the
Pro-Life movement both locally and nationally.

I completed my English degree in Creative Writing at the same time we completed our family with one more girl and a baby boy. The boy ended our long run by arriving on Labor Day. Our
children range from age 25 to 41, and I promise they have never been dull.

Now we are enjoying semi-retirement in Madison, MS where Bob consults and has a Dr. Bob radio how on Fox. I substitute teach at the Catholic HS and work four hours a week at Coldwater
Creek. Coldwater offers a great discount, and God knows I love to shop. I also, enjoy time with family and friends and love to entertain. So if any of you are ever down our way, we’d love to see you and offer you a place to stay.

I hope you have a great reunion, as for me, I’ll be hoisting a few with family and friends as I celebrate my 64th.

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25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Married to Bob … 6 children and another due September (1984). President of Right to Life. Enjoy cooking.
Due to husband’s occupation have lived in Maywood 1 year, Coral Gables, Florida 2 years, Rochester, Minnesota 4 years, Atlanta,
Georgia 2 years, and presently Memphis, Tennessee.

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