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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

My Life Since 1984:

Still worked as the Starter at Raceway Park on the week-ends until it closed in the year 2000 along with driving a truck as my full-time job. I sold my truck in 1985 and worked at Ross Block in Romeoville, IL.

In 1989 I married Darlene and gained two more daughters in addition to my daughter and son from my first marriage to Mary.

In 1993 I found new employment at Village of Calumet Park in the Public Works Department. That is still my present employment.

I now have six grandsons and five granddaughters. I enjoy going to their various sports events. Two boys are involved in hockey – both are goalies. Four boys are in baseball, football and wrestling. One girl is in cheerleading, one is in gymnastics, one is very busy in school, and two are just in pre-school.

Darlene and I spend most of our spring and summer at our lake house in Indiana with family and friends.

I had a great time at the reunion and hope we have another one soon.

Son Steven still has to get us a picture to include here.

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25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Married to Mary … 2 children (Karin 16 and Steven 14) … Truck Driver. Four years high school.
Enjoy swimming, water-skiing and auto racing. Worked at Raceway Park as assistant starter for 20 years and starter for eight.
Worked for Ford Motor Company. Married Mary in 1965. Two weeks later was drafted into Army and was sent to Germany for 1 1/2
years. Returned to Ford Motor Co. Quit Ford and worked for three different trucking firms before buying my own truck in 1981. Now

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