Get Together August 22, 2015

It was the perfect day. Tucked under a beautifully marbled blue sky, the Normandy-style structure surrounded by terraced gardens and rolling lawns leading down to the softly lapping water of the lake welcomed the ’59ers. Comfortable temperature, no humidity, and not a fly or mosquito to be found. Reminiscent of Camelot, where “… July and August cannot be too hot…In short there’s simply not, a more congenial spot…”. And congeniality abounded as 17 of us were the lucky recipients of the Pearlman’s gracious hospitality. (Roger and Darlene Smith, Jim Weimar, Mary Corley Smith, Sue Hurley, Jerry and Carol Donahue, Sue Bennett, Pat Urbut, Liz Marron, Joan Goliak, Lynn Murphy, Gerry Novick, Jim O’Connor, Patti Poirier, Betty Ronksley and Dan Schramm).


The slideshow below will bear witness to the most pleasant afternoon that included a variety of finger foods such as individual mac and cheese cups, jumbo dilled shrimp, cocktail quesadillas, a variety of bruschetta, dates wrapped in bacon, fruit kebobs, individual key lime pie, tiny Bailey’s chocolate mousse, chocolate covered strawberries, and the list goes on …

Two groups went in together to bring Madelon and Earl housewarming gifts. The south suburban group brought a mixed basket of wine, cheese, fruit and candy. The rest of the partygoers chipped in to purchase a large basket handmade by one of our classmates, Dorothea Koch. Dorothea makes baskets out in Arizona and sells them through an outlet here in Clarendon Hills called Ebenezer’s. As you will see, the basket is quite impressive and for anyone looking for that unusual item for a special person, it is certainly an option to be considered. For this particular housewarming it will have very special meaning.

Towards the end of the day, Earl treated all of us to a tasting of a bottle of 40-year-old Port and an equally impressive bottle of Cognac. The pictures where you see the group with raised glasses is where we were all toasting Earl for sharing these incredible libations. Please now enjoy the pictures from our not-to-be-forgotten summer event. Click the little four-arrow icon at the bottom right to savor the shots full size. Click the forward arrow on the left to begin ….

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One Response to “Get Together August 22, 2015”

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Clearly I don’t check my e-mails enough. I’m seeing this fantastic news letter that is very professionally done for the first time. I had a great time with everyone and Madelon and Earl were so gracious and giving of their time and their home. They spared no expense. All those who couldn’t make it this year, I hope you can make it next, it’s worth it.