May 15, 2015 – PrimeTime Restaurant

Despite the fact that the golf was cancelled, the dinner went on as planned with a slightly diminished group of eleven with five of us continuing on to Rainbow Cone for a little dessert. Part of the discussion was to work on upcoming dates and to offer suggestions for changing some of the parameters for when we hold various events. It was brought out that an overwhelming majority would like to see the Christmas event held on a Sunday afternoon instead of the usual Friday night. With that in mind, it was agreed to hold the event this year on Sunday December 6th. (MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW) We haven’t gotten as far as choosing a place yet, but that will be forthcoming as we gather more information.

In the week following the event, a lively email discussion ensued about some old neighborhood memories. Those emails are copied below for those who would like to read them – and make comments to join in or add to the information. As always, remember that you can view the pictures in the slideshow full-size by clicking on the little 4-arrow icon on the bottom right corner. Enjoy.

Below is the email discussion that followed a day or so after the dinner:

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! I enjoyed our dinner at Prime Time Restaurant and because I am afflicted with Diabetes type 2 I opted to not go to Rainbow Cone. I will probably get there one or more times this summer since I have a grand daughter who lives near there.  I missed not going with my classmates and reminiscing over days when we were younger and made trips to Rainbow Cone.  There are not many places from our youth that are not only still around but at the same location.    

Another place is Ridge Park. I was at tee ball games there on Sat. and Sun.  I remembered going to Ridge Park for swimming on Saturdays for boys days when there was a beautiful day and the lines would go back north of the tennis courts half a block away. What I don’t know is when they had girls days on Fridays if the weather was great did you have long lines waiting to get into the pool

I do remember Ridge Park and the day camp there in the summers which I and my siblings attended year after year – at least until 7th grade for sure. Pool days for girls had the long lines as well. Maybe not quite as long as you describe, but then I think I was always close to the front of the line so probably just didn’t notice how far it went.  I can remember playing on a softball team there in the high school summers too. Good to know that it is still there and continuing to provide outdoor activities for the area. And good heavens – we actually walked there – without adults – and lived to tell about it

I agree with Sue. We walked to ridge  took the bus to the library at 79 and Ashland the train to blue island to the park district pool walked to the plaza and it was all ALONE!! Whose mother drove? Mine didn’t but she wouldn’t drive us even if she could drive. I am an old fart!! Talking about the good old days.

I walked too to Ridge Park partly because there were so many interesting places you could stop along the way for candy etc.  Ridge Park was always fun. Wasn’t the library at 79th and Loomis (just east of Loomis)? My parents occasionally drove us to the library and other times I walked or rode a bike there. The Memorial Park Pool in Blue Island was nice since outdoors and girls and boys.  I usually took the Western CTA bus to 118th and then walked or for a few cents more took the Suburban Bus to 127 or 128th.  No worry about being shot at in those days or mugged.

Help me out here – because I don’t think I ever went to the library on Loomis. There was a traveling library bus that used to park somewhere just across the train tracks?? It was near 95th and Longwood I think. Looking at the Google map now it seems like Beverly Avenue or something along there is different. I remember the train tracks running along Beverly so that once you crossed Beverly, there was some prairie that had a path up to the track grade and across it to Longwood. Now I see two rows of houses there and I sure don’t remember that much ground between Beverly and the tracks. Am I suffering from total dementia, or did something change over there??

The Auburn Park Branch Library was on the north side of 79th and just east of Loomis. I never went to the traveling library but heard about it from a friend from CK who said he went on occasion too to the Auburn Branch and also to the Walker Branch Library on 111th and Hoyne which is still there and is the oldest library facility in the City of Chicago.

 I believe that the tracks that were west of Beverly Ave. and which ran parallel to Beverly Ave were ripped up and the RR sold the right of way to a developer who then put up single family homes.  I don’t remember when the houses were put up but I think it was back in the 70’s or so. Was the traveling library west of there and by Vanderpoel School or was it by the tracks?   Incidentally, there is a beautiful new branch library in Brainerd on 89th west of Loomis Blvd.  even though the business strip is completely gone.


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2 Responses to “May 15, 2015 – PrimeTime Restaurant”

  1. Mike King says:

    I may be an old fart today and have to keep directions in my car as to how to get home when I go out (LOL) but I do have pretty good memory when it comes to those “good old days”. The auburn Library was just east of Halsted on the south side of 79th, right around the corner from the Capital theater, and east of Franks department Store and Leo High School on 79th. Walked there many of times and by ourselves.

    Great to be a part of those tremendous times.

  2. Marianne Swierczek Hawkins says:

    A the memories. Along with Sue, I think there was a bookmobile library that parked either on Beverly Drive (our side of the tracks) – or just across the tracks. I too attended Ridge Park daycamp, and was a day camp leader (along with my cousin Terry) all through high school! Ridge Park is a treasure. I am glad to see that many of you have grey hair too! Miss you all.