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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

My life has not been exciting, but it has been rewarding because I have helped people and most of the time earned a living doing so.

After our 25th Year Reunion I continued being a husband to my wife Nancy, and we continued to raise our children. I was the announcer/master-or-ceremonies on the
reviewing stand for the 10th Anniversary of the South Side St. Patrick’s Day Parade (which now may have seen its last). That year, besides the usual bands,
groups and state and local politicians there were many presidential candidates including Vice President (then) George W. Bush, Governor Michael Dukakis, Senator Al Gore,
Jesse Jackson, Patrick Buchanan, Richard Gebhardt and others and I was given the honor of introducing them.

I continued to practice law into the 1990’s handling personal injury matters and doing general law practice. In 1991 I left the firm I was with after many
years and opened my own solo practice office. Gradually I moved away from handling personal injury and do mostly elder law including wills, powers of attorney, trusts, residential
real estate, social security disability and some general practice. I achieved an honor on June 12, 1995 when I was sworn into practice before the United States Supreme Court.

I have stayed active in my parish (St. Cajetan) where I was president of the Holy Name Society and a lector for 25 years.

My wife has been a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools and is retiring at the end of this (2009) school year. She has a master’s degree in multi-cultural education.

My daughter, Michelle, is also a teacher and has earned a master’s degree in education. She married in December 2008. My son Daniel was married in August 2005 at Christ the King
Church in Chicago (our old nemesis parish in Beverly). He married a grand-daughter of Boyd Hatzell (the owner of Boyd’s Texaco Service Station that used to be at 87th and Ashland).
Daniel is in sales for Dean Foods and involved in milk and ice cream sales.

I enjoy reading, walking, and watching and/or listening to baseball games. I also enjoy serving my clients.

25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Married to Nancy … 2 children … Attorney at Law … B.S. in Economics at Loyola University 1967, J.D. (Law) at
Chicago Kent I.I.T. in 1972 … enjoys reading and helping people in need, playing tennis, watchiing baseball and imbibing beer and
other libations … have aged from youthful innocence to middle-aged degeneracy.


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