Pat Urbut on the All Class Reunion

Urbut_P50From Pat Urbut:

As mentioned the other day I attended the All Class Reunion last Sat. night (Oct. 11, 2014) at Beverly Woods Restaurant. It was fun, but unfortunately I was the only one from our class attending. The food was good and the D J music before and during the dinner was at a tolerable decibel level so people could visit.

There were people from the class behind us including John Sears and Chick Clam.  I sat with Chick and with Bill Trapp (Class of 1963) and others. Bill was a star football player at Mount Carmel and later at Notre Dame and played against the Texas Longhorns (then #1 in the nation) in the 1970 Cotton Bowl which I believe was the first bowl game for Notre Dame in over 40 years ( of course bowls for Notre Dame in recent years are much more common).


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