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55-year-webThis is where the updates for the planned Class of ’59 reunion will be posted.

St. Ethelreda 55th Reunion, September 19th, 2014

Maggiano’s in Oak Brook
240 Oakbrook Center
Oakbrook, IL 60523

Cash bar with bartender for this event starting at 5:30 PM. Bartender has not been tipped.

Menu served family style starting at 6:15 PM. Servers tips already included in price you paid.

Appetizers: Mozzarella Marinara………Crispy Zucchini Fritte

Salads: Chopped Apple with Walnuts, and Caesar

Pasta: Rigatoni “D: with Chicken, Mushroom, Marsala  and Gnocchi with Italian Sausage

Entrees: Oven Roasted Pork Loin in Marsala Cream Sauce,  and  Balsamic Glazed Salmon

Dessert: Tiramisu and Profiteroles, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Hot Fudge

Contact: Patti Poirier 630-202-6139 or Sue Hurley 708-925-9407 if you have any further questions.


JULY 30:
Here is the menu: Serving is Family Style.

APPETIZERS: Mozzarella Marinara and Crispy Zucchini Fritte
SALADS: Chopped Apple & Walnut and Caesar
PASTA: Rigatoni “D” with Chicken, Mushrooms, Marsala and Gnocchi with Italian Sausage
ENTREES: Oven Roasted Pork Loin in Marsala Cream Sauce and Balsamic Glazed Salmon
DESSERTS: Tiramisu and Profiteroles, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Hot Fudge


JULY 17:
Thanks to all who have been responding to our phone calls this past week or so. It was imperative that we make a couple of decisions before we got locked in to a guarantee that we could not meet. It was decided that we would not combine our reunion with the Class of 1960. With that decided, we needed to find a venue with as good a location and as good food, but a smaller room. We have done that, and the updated information is this:

DATE: Friday, September 19, 2014 (Same Date)

PLACE: Maggiano’s Little Italy
                240 Oakbrook Center
                Oakbrook, IL 60523 

COST: $55/person
              Mailed ASAP payable to JOAN GOLIAK, 10001 S. Turner Avenue, Evergreen Park, IL 60805


JUNE 30:
Okay classmates. We are ready to go full steam ahead now. As of today we have a final price of $55/person which includes a full sit-down dinner with choice of entrée of either chicken or fish. Below these update comments will be links to the menu, and to the pages for each Class to see who has committed to attend. Get out those calendars and put this down right now – Friday September 19th. Then get your travel plans ready, and send in your checks.

Joan-TreasurerJoan Goliak has graciously volunteered to act as treasurer for this event. Mail checks payable to Joan Goliak to her at 10001 S. Turner Ave., Evergreen Park, IL., 60805. When sending your check please indicate whether you will be ordering the chicken or the fish. (See menu for descriptions).


MAY 31:
As mentioned in the last newsletter, there was a meeting planned for May 9th at Palermo’s in Oak Lawn to discuss and finalize some of the details for the 55-Year Reunion. Unfortunately, none of the male members of the committee were available that evening, so they were polled on some of the decisions beforehand and their input was taken into consideration as decisions were made. Tom Billish was “at the meeting” for about 15 minutes by phone, and his input was very helpful in regards to the location of the Reunion. Attending the May 9th meeting were Joan Goliak, Patti Poirier, Lynn Murphy, and Sue Hurley. Here is what was decided:

  1.     DATE: Friday September 19, 2014
  2.     PLACE: Carlucci, 1801 Butterfield Road, Downers Grove, IL
  3.     WHAT: Dinner and Cash Bar
  4.     IN ADDITION: It was decided to combine our Reunion with a 54-Year Reunion for the Class of 1960.

We are looking at what the ticket cost will be, and with the cost of the dinner/room at $37.50/person + 8.75% tax and     20% gratuity, we are considering a per person price of $45.00. We are trying to keep it as reasonable as possible, and this is only $10 more per person than we had to charge for the 50th. The menu is one of the less-expensive choices, but still includes an appetizer, salad, choice of entree and dessert.

Lynn Murphy has signed the contract and graciously put up the deposit of $250. We will be looking to hearing from all of you as soon as possible as to attendance so that we can be sure to cover the guarantee of $1200.

Viv Kerwin has joined the committee for the Class of ’60 and we need one more from that class so that we can coordinate the lists and responses as soon as possible.

By next Newsletter we will have the finalized dollar amount per person, and a method for sending in the money. We certainly hope that everyone can attend and make this a bang-up bash just like our last two reunions.  Ethelreda-5-9-News2



The majority of people who voted last month were in favor of a September date, and an indoor venue.

For right now, we have a planning meeting scheduled for May 9th to determine the exact date and venue. We are looking for a place that can accommodate us in a private room with either a sit-down meal or a buffet dinner, but not overly expensive. We are looking for a venue that is convenient to expressways and easy to find.

The committee is basically the same as for the 50-year, with one change. Tom Billish has commitments that preclude him from having the time to serve this year, although he is attending the May 9th planning meeting to help get us started. Patti Poirier has joined the rest of the committee this year. She has been very active throughout these last 5 years in helping to plan and hostess some of our quarterly get-togethers.

We are all excited to plan this event and are looking forward to seeing you all again.

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3 Responses to “Reunion Updates”

  1. Class1959 says:

    Pat Urbut sent in this comment:
    “I agree with Dan Schramm that our ’59 Reunion should be part of the All School St. Ethelreda Reunion. Apparently so far a majority have voted in favor of a September reunion for our class but maybe this could change in coming weeks. Dan is correct the planning is all ready done as far as the venue, food etc. and any excess money goes to help our alma mater. Further, we would get to see old friends from classes ahead of ours and classes after ours. This would also be in accord with what Jerry Donahue suggests as far as being after Labor Day and hopefully before cold weather.”

  2. Dan Schramm says:

    At first, I was for having a get together at a picnic grounds. Now, I am for having the 59 reunion get together in October at the all St. Ethelreada reunion event. All the planning will be done other than trying to get everyone in our class to attend.

  3. Jerry Donahue says:

    I think after Labor Day but before the weather gets too cold. Either inddor or outdoor would be fine with me.