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50 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Since the 25th reunion, I continued to work for Computer Sciences Corporation in their Risk Management Department in Southern California until I retired in October, 2007. In total I worked for CSC for 37 years!! Upon retirement my husband and I moved from Southern California to Dewey, Arizona, a small town 70 miles NW of Phoenix and 15 miles East of the historic western town of Prescott, AZ. Sunny, crystal blue skies are the norm almost everyday and you can see all the stars at night.

Prior to retiring, in 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am in remission for 4-1/2 years now and doing very well. To keep busy, I volunteer one morning a week for the American Cancer Society. I attend various yoga classes and also work out at Curves.

In our spare time when we are not entertaining family and friends, my husband and I like to explore other places in Arizona like the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Jerome, Williams, etc. We also go back to Southern California fairly often to visit family and friends and I go back to Chicago about 1-2 times a year to visit family.

My husband has two grown daughters and we were blessed with our first granddaughter last November :).

So, that’s my life in a nutshell. If anyone is in our neck of the woods you are most welcome to visit. My home phone is 928-775-4390 or cell 714-856-2458.

I’m sorry I’ll miss this reunion and look forward to hearing all about it. Thanks for all of the committee’s hard work on the reunion.

25 Year Reunion Questionnaire Response:

Single … Office Administrator/Executive Secretary … enjoys now-skiing, cooking and traveling.
Graduated from Longwood in 1963 and worked in downtown Chicago until 1970 then on to the Los Angeles area. Presently working for a new microcomputer company. Traveled to Ireland, Norway, England, Hawaii, Vancouver, Montreal and of course, to places in California. Living in California.

How To Find Me Now:

eMail Address:   bettyronksley@netscape.net

Facebook:   Betty on Facebook

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