AOL 50-Year Reunion – October 5-6

Here are some shots from the reunion. It was really more fun than I had imagined. Our St Ethelreda group was the best, most friendly, but it was great to see everyone else.



Lynn and Patti headed for the South Side early Saturday morning and met up with Betty. Then all three headed to the AOL campus for the tour. Later, Lynn and Patti checked into the Gateway motel on 95th and Cicero. Next was Mass at Queen of Martyrs at 4 o’clock, then head to the Hilton for the reunion. Susan Brown Bennett met up with the group at Queen of Martyrs, and Madelon, and Joan joined everyone at the Hilton. Those on for the play on Sunday afternoon were Betty, Lynn, Joan, Patti and Sue Hurley adopted as an honorary member of the AOL class for that event.

Benefit Play

The play is an original by MaryPat Donovan of “Late Night Catechism” fame presented for the benefit of The School Sisters of Notre Dame. What a hoot!


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