Palermo’s Dinner – 07-28-13

A warm July evening. Everyone looking forward to re-connecting with Betty Ashe Ronksley who hasn’t been at a gathering since the 25-Year Reunion in 1984. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Lynn had contact from Diane Witt O’Connell, who also hadn’t been to a gathering since 1984, and she was planning on attending as well. What a night to look forward to for the ladies. I was also bringing my twin granddaughters, Morgan and Paige Hurley who were staying with me for a few days before I drove them home to Nashville. (So you know which is which, Paige is the one with the glasses and Morgan is the one without glasses).

As everyone started showing up, there were hugs all ’round. Once seated, it got a good laugh that Sue and Betty looked like the twins, and not so much my granddaughters. As Betty and I looked at each other, we realized we were dressed in identical colors even down to our blue fingernails. There was much comment on the blue fingernails which Betty said made her feel “hip”. I was going for edgy, as usual, but who would have guessed that “nerdy” Betty Ashe and “shy” Susie Eberhardt would be competing with each other for the title of most avant-garde of the night!

We then heard from Lynn that Diane was not going to make it to the dinner. There were expressions of disappointment among ourselves, and then we called Diane and passed the phone completely around the table to let her know how much we had all been looking forward to seeing her. Then we spent the next couple of hours stuffing ourselves on some of the best Italian food out there.

The check was paid and we were just wrapping up the evening – having my granddaughters take a group picture with all of the cameras in attendance, getting the doggy boxes filled, emptying the last drops out of the wine bottles, and starting to say our “’til-we-meet-again’s”, when all of a sudden Lynn looks up and with an astonished look on her face whispers, “That looks like Diane!” And it was.

That called for a round of dessert and coffee, another hour of catching up, and another group picture. What a night! Below is a slideshow of pictures taken mostly by Patti and my granddaughter Morgan.

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2 Responses to “Palermo’s Dinner – 07-28-13”

  1. Lynn Murphy says:

    I was shocked when I saw Diane. I’d just called her & she was tired from another event she’d been to earlier in the day. I never thought she’d drive all the way to Chgo. but am so glad she did.
    She really surprised us. After talking to everyone on the phone she felt she had to come to see us.

    • liz butler marren says:

      As usual it was so much fun reconnecting with old friends from St Ethelreda! Betty and I shared many good times in the past and it was great to see her and Diane too.